What is a Living Will and why do I need one?

| Sep 27, 2010 | Announcements, Firm News, General, Law Articles, Local News |

A Living Will is an advance directive document where the signer, who is fully competant to sign, states his or her desires regarding medical treatment when the treatment prolongs life by extraordinary means. It is a document that allows a person, while still competant, to make the decision not to be kept alive aritifically when there is no chance of recovery and will prevent that person from being kept alive on life support indefinitely.

I recommend that my clients have a Living WIll so that their wishes can be respected and carried out and so that their family members are not the ones having to choose whether or not for example to remove them from the life support systems. I tell my clients that it is best for them to make that decision and not put that stress on their family members. I highly recommend that everyone have a Living Will.