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Estate planning for families with minor children Part III

by | Feb 8, 2011 | Estate Planning |

 I have a special needs child. How can I protect my child if I am not here to care for him or her myself?


Parents of special needs children are well aware of the challenges that these children will face over their lifetime. In most cases the parents are the sole care givers of these children. These children are many times part of special government assistance programs that offers services for their care and well being. It is very easy for a parent to disqualify a child from these important government programs when no planning or improper planning has been done. By giving these special needs children even a small amount of money you may disqualify them from these programs. That being said, there are ways to provide support for these children, while not disqualifying them from these government programs. The services a special needs child gets through these programs can usually not be paid for with any amount of money so proper planning is vital.

Another consideration is who would care for their children if they were not able to do so. You need to make sure the person is willing and able to take on this responsibility you will want to sit down and discuss it with the person you are considering.