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Does having a Will Prevent Probate?

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Estate Planning, Probate |

I get calls every day from prospective clients who have lost a loved one asking why they need to do a probate for a loved one when they had a Will leaving their assets to their beneficiaries. A Will is a very important document to have and is always one of the documents I recommend that my clients have prepared. However, it does not prevent probate. A Last Will and Testament dictates how your assets (that do not name beneficiaries) are transferred to your beneficiaries at the time of your death. It gives you control, within statutory guidelines as to who will be named as your Personal Representative, as well as who will be named as your beneficiaries. If you are married or have minor children there are certain parameters that you must stay within with regard to your homestead and assets. That can all be explained to you by an attorney who practices in the area of estate planning. If we can assist you with your Will or other estate planning, probate or guardianship questions please feel free to call me at (904)366-2703 or email me at [email protected]