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What are the duties of a personal representative?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Probate |

In Florida, the person who will take charge of your estate upon your death is your personal representative. This person holds a key role in handling what happens with your assets after you die.

It is essential to choose the right representative. You will want to be sure he or she can handle all the duties of the job. According to the Florida Bar, a personal representative will have a range of tasks he or she must carry out to close your estate.

Tie up loose ends

Your personal representative will tie up all the loose ends of your life. He or she will pay debts and manage expenses. The representative will ensure all creditors are aware of your death and close out any accounts as needed. He or she will also file your taxes.

Manage your family

The personal representative will also locate all your heirs and ensure they receive the proper assets as you designated in your estate plan. He or she will validate all claims to the estate and handle invalid claims.

If necessary, the personal representative will take care of your assets or find and identify them. Also, if there is a need for other professionals to assist with your estate, the representative will hire and pay those people.

Your personal representative will handle every detail of your estate and work with the probate court to ensure a smooth transition from you to your heirs. He or she has a high level of duty and should be someone you trust. The final duty of the personal representative is to close your estate, which means all duties are over and assets are in the hands of heirs.