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What traits should you look for in a personal representative?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Estate Planning |

As you continue your estate planning and write your will, you may begin to think seriously about who you can depend on to carry out your final wishes.

Picking a personal representative is a serious task, and learning more about what traits are most helpful to succeed in this position can help you choose someone.

Dedication and thoughtfulness

According to Kiplinger, the main trait someone needs is a sense of dedication to the job. Being a personal representative means you need to talk regularly with the courts and beneficiaries in order to give away heirlooms and pay any final debts.

Being able to organize and keep track of multiple papers and forms is essential. This person should know what you expect of him or her and understand the importance of this role before accepting the job.

Clear and respectful communication

Another important part of being a personal representative is dealing with beneficiaries. When tensions run high among family members or loved ones, the person you choose should have a calm personality and be able to discuss important matters respectfully.

This person may also be part of the planning for the funeral as well. Your personal representative is typically someone close to you that knows your wishes and can prevent drama or hurt feelings while distributing the estate.

Fiscal responsibility

Many people choose someone without a history of bankruptcy for this role. Additionally, they should have a solid credit history so that they can get bonded if they need to. Choosing a close family member or friend you trust as your personal representative can help you feel confident while planning out your will and estate.