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Skilled Guidance Through Probate

Whether you are a Florida resident or reside out-of-state, our lawyers can help you administer the estate of a loved one who has passed away. Estates are administered through the Florida circuit courts under the probate division. Not all estates or assets of an estate must go through probate, depending on whether there was a will or a trust and the type of estate planning carried out. As a personal representative assigned to the estate by the court, our attorneys will assist you in all stages of the administration process, including:

  • Initial filing
  • Accounting for estate
  • Payment of taxes
  • Payment of creditors
  • Closing the estate
  • Distribution of assets

Our law firm also represents beneficiaries of estates to safeguard their interests during probate and trust administration. As lawyers, we are sensitive to our clients’ needs. Along with legal services, we provide compassion and understanding to guide them through the period, which for most is a difficult time of loss.

Estate Administration Legal Services

We provide the following legal services to clients regarding probate:

  • Probate of formal nontaxable estates
  • Probate of summary administrations
  • Transfer of homestead property to heirs
  • Representation of estate beneficiaries

Serving Out-Of-State Clients With Interests In Florida Estates

You may be an out-of-state family member or a personal representative responsible for probating a Florida estate. Regardless of your role — as a beneficiary or someone charged with settling an estate in Florida — Schnauss Naugle Law is a valuable resource for you. Attorney Katherine Schnauss Naugle, widely recognized for her in-depth knowledge of Florida probate law, is invited regularly to speak to groups in the community regarding estate planning and probate. She has abundant experience representing out-of-state clients in probate cases in Florida.

Ancillary Probate And Ancillary Probate Administration

For estates of decedents who were residents in other states and whose estates will be probated in those states, ancillary probate will be necessary, if there are assets deeded or registered in Florida: a home, car, boat, bank account or business, for example. Katherine Schnauss Naugle can guide you efficiently through the necessary processes of ancillary probate administration, possibly, including:

  • Identifying a Florida personal representative or getting one appointed
  • Notifying creditors
  • Opening a bank account for the estate
  • Selling the Florida assets
  • Distributing the assets or proceeds of a sale according to the will

These processes may seem complicated and worrisome if you must settle the estate of a loved one who had assets in Florida. Schnauss Naugle Law is ready to get your matters resolved smoothly and in a timely manner. With Florida probate lawyer Katherine Schnauss Naugle as your counselor at law, you will benefit from her strong emphasis on a trusting attorney-client relationship.

Here To Help You

Let us answer your questions about probate. Find out for yourself how simple and reassuring it can be to work directly with Ms. Katherine Schnauss Naugle as your Florida probate lawyer. She is passionate about helping families and individuals compassionately through all probate matters. Call (904) 643-6342 or complete our simple online intake form to request a consultation at your earliest convenience.